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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

About the key words used in movie

Radioactive fallout: Cloud of dust particles produced because of the explosion of atomic bomb and are transformed far from the place of exploision and contaminate the place where they fall. especiall after the second world war many developed countries started creating atomic bombs. while testing the atomic bomb the dust particles were produced from the atomic bomb which is higly contaminated and had caused raditiation sickness and had lead to death of many people.

Atomic bomb shelter: Especiall in the american society, there was a trend or can be said as a part of culture of building rooms in the basement of their apartment where all types of facilities are provided. the main aim of building bomb shelter is to prevent from the radioactive fallout.

Duck and cove: students in school, employes in companies were trained how to be secure after hearing the atomic bomb explosion and how one can prevent themselves because of the explosion and fallouts.

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