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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reflections on Atomic Cafe - Part 3

The other interesting thing i have observed in this documentary is game of politics and how this game is cleverly staged by cunning politicians , the tactics they have been using throughout was first fear mongering to get the attention and then using ideologies such as nationalism or talking about the "will of God" or anti communist chanting. By manipulating emotional component of the general public the government has successfully achieved their objectives of control and nuclear proliferation. This similar tactics were used by Reagon Administration to justify and increase military spending.

There is one scene in this documentary where one man says to another to not worry about enemies because US is the only country to possess atomic bomb and soon there is another scene introducing the headlines showing Soviet Union developing it s A bomb and later on how competition would grow stronger between these two nations to develop more and more weapons.

What i understand from this is that it was not a government as the founding principle would have claimed "for the people, by the people" but it was indeed "for the power and by the power " government. That could be the worst government and it was more like an autocratic style with a "democratic cream". US government regulating or banning the flow of information about the true nature of atomic bombs and misinforming and then showing under Soviet Union rule the newspaper editor being imprisoned is indeed a big satire.

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