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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cinema Studies of 'The Atomic Cafe'

I have come to learn that in reference to cinema studies perspective, ‘the Atomic Café’ is about the nuclear warfare. It is a documentary film which depicts events between the 1940s and 1960s to the audience. In Atomic Café, there are set of other A-Bomb films we studies recently as well as those of the cold war such as the Korean War, Cold war spy film, U.S. Army training films and parts directly from the U.S. Government Archives, etc. Example: part of the ‘inside of the plan that dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima’, the special effect of the mushroom cloud, the picture of the burnt city of Hiroshima as in ‘the beginning and the end’ film and the pictures of the fallout shelters in the film, ‘the blast of the past’. As per the music, the film contains some songs of the cold war and soundtrack of the atomic bomb [“atomic bomb baby”]. After five years of work, in October of 1982, “The Atomic Café” was produced by Jayne Loader, Kevin and Pierce Rafferty in English. It is also confirmed that this firm was released during the Reagan era, at the climax of the international disarmament movement. As such, the production of the film received wide distribution till it became a cult classic. It is believed that the project of “the Atomic Café” film may have cost about $300.000

Conclusively, ‘the Atomic Café is said to be a "compilation verite", a film which is made up of no new footage, no voice of God narration, rather a set of other films as mentioned above. [Atomic Café: History Done Right]

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