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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scar of memory-My comment of the Atomic Cafe

This is a film of the atomic culture that was star in the America and still popular now, from the film we can see the people at that time try to built a lot of funny things with the atomic bomb, they make the music they make it became the food and drink, the car the bar the cloth the novel… a lot people was falling love with the atomic bomb and the culture it bring to us. But we still can see another sense that every rich American should have a yard with a shelter that can protect them from the fall out, the government try to make citizen pay more attention on the nuclear attack from the USSR.
This is a time period with a lot things cannot give a clearly definition that it is a good period or bad period just as the atomic bomb. I should said that as Chinese I should said that I should thanks for the bomb and also as a person like game and film also should say thanks for the atomic bomb and the culture it brings to. But when we see the film about what should to when you attack by the nuclear weapon, and the US people spend a lot of money to built a shelter, even the people who live in the Nagasaki and Hiroshima, could us still said that is a good time the atomic bomb is good weapon.
Atomic Café just show us at that time the people’s thinking and the fear of the atomic weapon, even the US people make it become culture but everyone knows that they were under the shadow of the atomic attack this is also the same situation with the USSR people. Though this documentary I saw the scar of the memory for the people at that special time. But they bring us the happy till now which is the atomic culture.
The country wants institution of the supremacy by the nuclear weapon but it bring to the people a scar in their mind, may by when we play game or watch film try to think more about them.

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