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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reflections on Atomic Cafe - Part 2


In my previous blog post, i discussed about the misinformed soldiers highlighting a scene from the documentary. In fact by watching the whole documentary , the generation of that era as a whole had no idea of what atomic bomb s real impact would be and it was solely due to government s regulation of the flow of information on atomic related matters. The general public of that time was provided protection strategies just in case if there was a bomb attack from the enemies and the strategy was very simple.."duck and....cover"drills or buy a bomb shelter house and the song i uploaded on my previous blog shows school children taught to hide under desks like if it was an earthquake. Well atomic bomb is more deadlier than an earthquake and it has power to vaporize and destroy even the toughest element in the planet. . In the final scenes in the documentary enemy drops a bomb and thereby showing how people react to the sound like hiding under beds and do duck and cover on roads , ultimately revealing the destructive nature of atomic bomb . the following is a final scene from the atomic cafe

In my opinion, the filmmakers of this documentary should have added more Japanese footage of the destruction of A-Bomb. There were only fews scenes in the first phases of the documentary about the radiation effects on the people of Hiroshima. But I reckon there should be some hidden wisdom of not adding it. Perhaps putting too many real scenes of Japanese suffering might have become more serious film rather than their original black comedy film. What do you think?

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